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Tuesday, 9 November 2010


One battle lost but still fighting!!!

"Again with some time lag I finally had the time to cut the footage of
our Reichenbachwave-Sessions on the Isar-River in Munich this summer.
Probably it was the last season that paddlers and surfers could enjoy
this awesome wave like you see it in this video. The excavators are
already working and most likely the wave will never be as big again or
even more likely will be totally gone when they are finished with it!
But as we are still fighting for other surf-spots on the Isar-River
please keep on signing this online-petition, if you haven´t already and
keep spreading the word, link or Youtube-video as
every signature helps
us have your grandma sign from Texas!

Thanks for your support!
Sign the online-petition here: Save waves on the Isar-River
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