Aloha ya all high tide is hitting hard
Event : June 14th 9:00 Pueblo White Water Park  clock Bob of the Edge and Arkansas river coffee, Surfrider foundation thank you
A celebration of International Surfing Day world wide June 20th  will be  the tenth anniversary of ISD .We have connected with other World River Surfers and want to show our voice world wide for protection of the inland waterways and waves they are the ocean to us. Colorado River Surfing Association presents  SURFRADO IRSD 2014  Surf the wonderful surfing  capital of Colorado Pueblo ,a trash clean up surfing event  to help promote cleaner rivers and give a hand, project trash surf games we will be having a soul surf &sup comp ,along with alterative  surf  longest surf on something other than a body board  or surfboard contest, most unique piece of trash hula whooping and more .

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