BOARDWORKS Surf, C4 paddle crews playin river limbo

And waterwomen take a ride along the river way with Charlie family and friends much respect from us always .Playing cartoon limbo narrowly rubber ducking low bridges, playing Jump the bridge and lets go surfing on the picnic table ,slash board people dock, slash SUP trailer slash what the heck is that floating paradise C4 new board design way out of the box but C4 on the box.This video will make you want one, A C4 BOARDWORKS Surf picnic table .This river film by BOARDWORKSsurf join the C4SUPGang ,
Legends and true professionals of the rivers ,ocean waves here in Colorado and the world .

Boardworks Surf 2nd Annual Weber River Run on standup paddle boards from Boardworks Surf on Vimeo.

Boardworks Surf hosted the second annual Weber River Run on standup paddle boards. In attendance were most of the Boardworks crew, Colin McPhilips, Chuck Patterson and Hobie crew, Chris Curry, Matt Solomon and Donyelle Dewey, Mike Muir and Riviera crew, Barrett Tester from Rainbow Sandals, Rob Rojas, EJ- Ernie Johnson, Tim Truman, Trey from Summit Sports, Liam Wilmott, Archie Kalepa, Todd Bradley, Dave Parmenter, Charlie and Jenny MacArther, Ryan Guay, Morgan Mason and the list goes on.

Charlie with river family doing FUS- CREW Flori Munich bridge bomb drops respect .
Pushing the boundaries of the white water SUP addiction ,what can be done in a sport becomes more fun than the competitive sport now that's surfing Hawaii style Aloha
It is a long surf rivers are well worth the view and paddle

Cheers C4 and all
involved !
Surf on friends

"Aloha that's all Folks"

Logo property of C4 paddle boards

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