Colorado River Assoc. 360 Surf Contest

360 Contest at RRP-  First to pull off a documented/videoed 360 maneuver at RRP in your category.

RULES: Must upload video to Facebook or YouTube or similar of a 360 maneuver in the one or more of the following categories and post your the vid or link to the vid up to Colorado River Surfing Assoc. and "Colorado River Surfers” Facebook.  First to post up successful 360 vid wins your category.  Please indicate riders name and date. 

DATE: Starts Sept 6th, 2016 (no prior vids to this date allowed) contest ends all categories have videoed 360's

LOCATION: RRP Benihanas (upper wave) or Chiclets (lower wave) Englewood, CO


-Surfer (one 360)

-Bodyboarder (360 spin one way and then another spin the other direction, must happen consecutively on the same ride)

-SUP (one 360)

PRIZES: No stinking prizes, this is about having fun.

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