Has anyone here ever surfed Mwave?

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Thats one i want to surf for surf FredSki CO local rocks it .I think i know where it is on goggle maps.I have been told that you have to keep a eye on the up to USGS date flow release rate and timing is crucial to make the wave it is about 4 to 5 hours from Denver.I will track down the map shot and send it to you, see if you think if it is the wave .Going to go searching more this year for sure, i saw about 4 good waves just up 1-70 last weekend just right time right place .Great to have you as a member much respect to your river surfing feel free to share if you want .Trying to track down USA waves for someday state to state RVRsurf contests haaa,SurfTexas sweet! be way fun peace and waves and cheers to the MWAVE is sick and Fred is way cool cat and rips it up in the river mahola.
I found it, actually wasn't too difficult. I will be there from August 22-20, anyone want to do a recon mission. Low key style pack it in pack it out with a soft foot? PM me Planning on doing a week long surf hitting as many waves as possible a giant loop from denver, Glenwood springs, Montrose, Pueblo and skate parks along the way.
Feel free to still send the google earth shot so we can match up.
I am way down would dig to hang with a out of state surf ,skate crew like you , we can hit all the west waves on the way there i will find out more as well .Click the view larger map comment above of mine is that the wave your seeing surf friend lets hit it i have been wanting to go there for three years. But settle for other waves closer would dig the summer adventure .

Ya bro thats it, the one on south canal road, I found it by looking through the department of interiors irrigation maps. I am so stoked. I am so amping. My wife and I were just gonna cruise and camp, sounds like a plan. Do you live in Pueblo? where do you normally surf? Do you skate?
I attached my website, my wife and I are travelers and always up for an adventure.



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